Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 2 of destruction

When I looked out in my garage this morning boards still covered the tresses. We still had a 'roof'.

And then these meddling kids got ahold of some hammers,

and their dad did too; And they went to work! The first board is removed

I tried to nab the perpetrator who started this whole chaotic scene, but could only nab this minion of his:

By mid-morning the garage had a light airy feel to it.

By afternoon, the sun was finally shining and my garage was lit up like there was no roof on it. Oh yeah, there wasn't:

At the end of the work day only the trusses remain.

I wonder what those hooligans have up their sleeves for tomorrow!
(psst .. I'm sure I'll be pleased when I find out)
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