Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Building days 3, 4, 5

I've been busy doing other things - canning beans, getting the Boy ready for school, entertaining the troops, feeding the masses, changing diapers;
But here is the latest for the last few days of construction:
All the joists/ I-beams are up!
The blinding white walls are not so ... blinding anymore. There's a bit of shade now in the garage

The first floorboards have gone up. Here our local model demonstrates her sitting pretty skills

Today the our friendly neighborhood builder, aka my husband, aka The Best Man I Know, aka My Sweet (oh but I won't bore you with nicknames) - put up and nailed in more floorboards. I even walked on the wild side - and climbed a ladder to stand up there. Hate to admit this, but it was a little scary for me, the Afraid of Heights girl. My kids are so much stronger than me in this area.

Here's the view of the garage now. A few days ago it looked nothing like this. Heck, a few months ago it really looked nothing like this. We had a roof a few months ago!

Yep, there's one of those minions scurrying around the top. He'll cringe when he sees this photo. I caught him with his ear protection pushed up on his head. But don't look at that. Focus instead on the boards about to be nailed in. Yeah, that's better; then he won't feel so self conscious. Almost-13 year old boys are like that.

What will we find tomorrow?
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  1. looking great. at least the weather is cooperating and G is able to take some time off--or is all this being done in the evening?
    Linda G

  2. G has been taking vacation time to work on the house.