Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Building some more

We're back at it. What day is it?!
Yesterday we ordered windows! And yes, it was We this time, not just "We, meaning he." I actually was at the store also and put in my two-cents worth when ordering the windows. They were delivered this morning. A 6.45 delivery wake-up call was not exactly how I wanted to wake up, but at least the windows are here.
Yesterday's work involved moving my kitchen stove, and putting a new hole in the wall. There is a reason for this I was reassured. And watching intently, yes, I saw the reason. To plug the stove in. A stud post would be in place of the spot where the first plug was.

Yesterday also involved a big kind of hammer/ drill. The exact word for it escapes me now (not that it was ever in my brain to begin with.) Here our sweet dog models where the base of the stair landing was drilled into the concrete and fastened down. She got an extra bone tonight for her hard work.

This is what I was left looking at last night. A beam above the laundry room. Remember when there was no-nuttin' above that room? Well tonight I have even more than a beam! There are actually floorboards above my laundry room! So exciting! Of course, since it was pitch black when G stopped working, I was unable to get a photo of this exciting moment.

Here was have another willing (?) model to show the scale of ladder to post. Actually, this is the progress of the stairway wall. The First Post.

And the first beam.

I never knew lumber could bring tears to my eyes. Tears of joy.
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  1. Impact driver most likely. Have fun!

  2. It is exciting to see the progress. Keep working hard as the rain comes in October.

  3. Are some pictures missing, or is it just my lame internet connection?

    And dark red with white trim sounds lovely!

  4. CH- 6 pictures on there. Did you get them all? I'll eventually get them on facebook :)

  5. I can see the pictures now. I'm sure it was our connection. Is that dust, or does Sasha-Doodle have a lot of grey beard? Hug the ornery little thing for us.