Sunday, August 21, 2011

Beginning to build day 2

There are a couple of I-beams up now, but most of the work focused on the doorways yesterday.
We took out the door that has been there for 30 years and the window. 
And then made the window into a doorway; he will eventually board up the doorway and make it part of the stair wall. G has a tradition tradition of pouring concrete on major holidays, usually New Year's Eve. This time he decided to deviate from tradition on pour concrete on my birthday. I feel so special.

He had a number of good helpers - wearing appropriate ear protection while G cut concrete.

And holding the water to keep Dad cool, er, I mean keep the dust and sparks down as the concrete was cut.

It was a nice enough birthday, turning 39. I had a run in the morning with my son; breakfast - huckleberry pancakes from my daughters, and then shopping in the late morning with another daughter. I didn't have to make breakfast, lunch, or supper, and I got two special desserts - Jamba Juice and a DQ blizzard. 
My kids even got me some gifts. Princess girl made me pictures and a treasure of her pennies she had earned; the older girls spent their money on jewelry for me. The boy, well he has some more training to be done; when asked by his sisters what he got for me, his reply was, "I am a gift." A very healthy sense of self, that one.
A new door and an air compressor rounded out the day - what more could a girl want?
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  1. Congratulations - your birthday just got moved up to national holiday status in the family!