Thursday, August 25, 2011

Vacation Time

Do you like our new patio? The al fresco dinners we have planned are going to be "a step above" all other. We'll be able to take my cooking to "new heights."
Or maybe we'll just add some walls, and a roof instead. It's a toss-up.

On another note ... did you know it would only cost me $1300 to go to Argentina next month? If I bought my ticket right now that is. Or I could go to Rome for $1100. Maybe add Athens in for another $1100.
Not that I need to travel anywhere. I've got enough entertainment and activities going on right here. Not that I have a spare $3500 laying around. But just in case, I checked out the cost of these travels. Just in case I need a vacation. Or a daydream.

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  1. Katie is looking for someone to come down to Chile in December to sightsee for a week with her in Peru. The weather will be coming into summer.should be better than Oregon.

  2. I planned an entire vacation to Tahiti on a lunch hour one day. The Man and I had a wonderful time lying on the sandy beaches, the warm water lapping at our toes...

    And then the crabs and the seagulls and the jellyfish entered the picture, I sort of gave up on the beach idea, and planned a whole trip to someplace with no "nature" to screw things up.

    Apparently we are going to have lots of "staycations" rather than vacations.

  3. I'll be checking into costs for S. America!