Saturday, August 6, 2011

Books for sale

I've cleaned out the crates for school and weeded out the books we won't be using again. So if anyone is interested here they are. Leave me a comment, or email me.
I have no idea for sales prices right now. Make me an offer and I will probably take it. If shipping is involved, we'll figure that out too. I'm flexible.

Apples 2, spelling drills, 2 books available; brand new
Art A (Abeka books art series), grade 4, 2 pages missing;
Basic Spotter’s Field Guide (weather), 2 books available; brand new
Latin History Reader, for use with children’s Primer A; brand new
Little Annie’s Art Book of Etiquette and Good Manners, a few pages marked;
Sequential Spelling 1 and Student Book, a couple of pages marked;
Singapore Math 4A and 4B textbooks and teacher’s guides; good condition
Singapore Math 5A and 5B textbooks and teacher’s guides, excellent condition; Intensive Practice book 5A, 1st lesson done
Singapore Math, 6A text and teacher guide, 6B textbook, workbook, and teacher guide; brand new;
Super Science Activities – 7 books: Insects, Rocks, Plants, Weather, Human Body, Magnets, Stars; brand new
The Ultimate Home school Physical Education Game book; excellent condition
Watch Out, Storm’s Ahead! (weather) 2 books available; brand new

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  1. Hi Julie,
    Hope you are having a nice summer break. :)) I was looking at the books you are selling and I am interested in 4th grade home instructors guides, I bought the textbooks and realized that I will need the guides. How much are you selling them for?