Monday, October 3, 2011

Building Update

A lot has been happening around here with our building project!
On Thursday G was able to get a large portion of the 'eyebrow' done on the front of the house. Didn't know houses had eyebrows? Yeah, I learned something new that day. He worked on the original roofing, getting the flashing in place, to connect the old with the new section:

On Thursday the house looked like this. The Trusses lay there, waiting, languishing in the sun.

And then bright and early Friday morning the builder and crew showed up.
Up went the trusses. Boom! That guy works fast. Of course this is his job, he knows just what to do and the little tricks to get it done quickly.

So by the end of the day, the house looked like this! A roof! And gables (?) - that triangular part there above the wall.

A roof! AH! My husband slept so well Friday night - not just because he was tired, but the stress of getting the roof on before the rain - was all over. On Saturday G and my brothers were able to get the side wall wrapped, and the tarpaper across the roof, so the place is more or less water proof. The rain started coming down about noon on Saturday. The boys were all finished, and soaking wet, by suppertime, but the roof was papered and ready for the downpour!

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