Thursday, October 6, 2011

Veggies and you

OK, update to an earlier post for all those who are waiting.
The vegetable math I asked you to try? Very interesting results; thanks to those who skewed the averages, maybe because your outlook on life is skewed. just like mine. Maybe that's why you read this. Maybe not.

So I heard this little 'math test' on the radio one day, and then asked my kids to try it. One answer I heard was 'turnip'; One said peas. None of them said carrot! The average person is suppose to say carrot. In some statistical study, most people, it was reported, will say carrot - there is some connection between 7 and carrot. I dunno.
And to Patsy who commented "Rutabaga"! Yes! I think you must be related somehow! We have had a running joke for most of our kids' lives about rutabaga, even going so far as to buy some for Christmas gifts. (No, that was not the only gift the child got.)
Here are the answers from those who were kind enough to play along and comment:
beans, carrot (2 of you!) zucchini, rutabaga :) and chauchas (-smarty pants)!! So I guess the majority was carrot, which goes to show you can manipulate any statistic to fit your goal.
I'm curious if you try this on those around you, friends, family members, the UPS man, what answers you get. If you do try, can you let me know?

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