Sunday, October 9, 2011

Family talent

Instead of the usual pizza and movie on Friday night deal, we decided to shake things up this week; we had a Family Talent Show before the movie.
There was dancing and tumbling,

Piano playing and singing (can you see the two girls in there? Just don't look too closely at the mess my son also captured on the photo.)

There was more dancing:

We even had finger tricks. G cracks me up when he does these - thanks to his brother for teaching him this so long ago.

Even little K chose to show us her useful talent of standing on her head - which she does often.

The finale was the high-jumper. We had to do a little arm-twisting and guideline-setting, but we finally convinced the Boy to do something to participate in the family show. He chose to jump over the baby highchair.
(Side note here, that high chair? Survived my husband's babyhood, and all 5 of our children. That thing is solid! I love older, metal (not plastic!) items.)

I did a magic trick, rubbing a nickel into my elbow. Funny thing is, I couldn't retrieve the nickel once I made it "disappear"! I still don't know which couch it fell into!
And that was our Friday night.
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  1. Well, I couldn't figure out an email to email you a response to your comment over on my blog today... but yes, it's the Gary Thomas book that I'm reading.

    Your family is super adorable, and I love both of your blogs. The idea of the 10:38 one is really cool. I'd never be able to remember, but it's a really neat idea.

  2. Thanks Kim :) And here I was almost ready to bag the whole other blog. You encouraged me to keep with it.