Monday, October 24, 2011


It has been an almost ideal day for me. The sun is shining; and although it is cool and crisp outside, it is warm and cozy in our woodstove-heated house.
This morning I was able to prepare a ton of applesauce and can 2 batches of it, while the girls sat and did their schoolwork. Well, they didn't really sit for the whole morning. But they did get their work done! And when that happens, it is always a good day! I even heard one of the older girls helping the younger one read and learn her history lesson for the day.
Even little K 'helped' make the day go well. (Except for that little incident involving a cereal box dumped all over the not-swept-up-yet kitchen floor.) She pushed the step stool over to the sink and 'helped' me with the applesauce. As I cut the apples, (I'm not one to leave the seeds in, just the peels stay on) little K would place each ready one in the waiting pot. I cooked them up, and then ground them down in the food mill, and voila, we had applesauce, which we all enjoyed at lunch.
We'll see if it is still idyllic when the guys get home.

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