Monday, October 3, 2011


What do you get when you put two kindergarteners together for a day?
Lots of giggles and silly jokes.
These two cousins - ages 5 and 6 - were coloring, sitting in the same chair, and telling the craziest jokes. "Where did the elephant go? To Wal*mart!" (explosion of giggles following) It did my heart good to hear. It reminded me of my own best friend/ cousin. When I was growing up my cousin from California was my best buddy. We spent weeks together during the summers. Our families camped together a lot. We wrote letters back and forth for years. due to life-events, we have lost touch. But I think about her a lot. And I hope my own girls and their cousin-buddies don't ever lose their friendship.

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  1. Too bad these days most families hardly get together with their own siblings, let alone know their cousins. Praise God for putting us in such a close family!