Monday, July 11, 2011


Does anyone out there like cleaning the (house) bathrooms?
Really? Raise your hand.
You are the winner of  a trip to my house and here, you can clean my bathrooms, weekly! to your heart's delight.
Yeah, I didn't think I would have any takers. It is one chore I really don't like to do. That and washing dishes. Hmm... washing dishes, washing down the bathroom ... I see a (slight) correlation.
I recall one bathroom at a B and B we stayed in - it was an all-in-one kind of room, no dividers between the shower, sink and toilet. In the middle of the floor was a drain, and the whole room was in tile. I think I would love a small bathroom like that. Spray it all down and get a hose to wash it all off. Easy-peasy.
A few years ago my older kids wanted - nearly begged me - to help scrub the toilets. Back then I didn't want their little bodies exposed to the chemicals in the cleaners. What was I thinking? I set a precedent that has been hard to change! Now the same girl who asked to scrub the toilets, comes to me and says, "The bathroom stinks." As in, What are you - Mom - going to do about it?
And the showers in our house .. another bane of my cleaning routine. They are probably the original fixtures in our 33 yr old house. Which means plenty of soap scum buildup. I have tried so many different products to get it off and it just doesn't come to be sparkly clean. So, if anyone has an idea, I'll try it!
And if anyone really wants to clean my bathrooms, I'll seriously welcome you with open arms. And a scrub brush.


  1. Oxy clean carpet cleaner shines up a bathroom,porcelain and stainless steel. Please, don't question how I know this.

  2. The B & B bathroom you described is the common style here. It does have its advantages... but then that shower soap scum tends to creep outside of the shower. Also, if we turn the shower too high the water makes its way out of the bathroom and into the living room! Both styles have their pros and cons... so in the end, I guess it's all... a wash. ;)

  3. I hate to clean bathrooms too. so to make sure it gets done weekly, I pick a specific day/morning and do it on that day. usually it is Friday because that is when visitors come for the weekend. Also I use the spray foam cleaner because it is easier and no rinse required.
    Linda G

  4. Try Simple Green. I hate to clean showers and I just spray on Simple Green and let it work - and shower comes out great. Of course, mine is only 5 yrs old - not 33!! But I find Simple Green is a great cleaner for a lot of things.

  5. Chuck can spend 2 hours (really!) cleaning one bathroom. I try to have him clean because he does such a great job. Nothing else gets done, but.... I think he uses a product commonly known as Elbow Grease.

  6. Bathrooms aren't my favorite, but I do tend to keep up. I really have a thing for hard surfaces that are dirty. I can overlook a dusty sofa table before a kitchen counter or bathroom sink...

    As for what works really well, try Kaboom Foam-Tastic Color Changing Bathroom cleaner. No lie, that stuff is AMAZING. I watched my friend use it on her porcelain tub. She sprayed the tub down, let it sit til the foam changed colors, then use a simply wash rag to wipe it clean. That stuff is NO JOKE. I've used it for my bathroom sink and it's amazing for that too. It's not really strong odor-wise either. I'm pretty sure it'd work well in the kitchen too.

  7. AWESOME Ideas! Thank you all so so much! I am going to try some of these out soon. Along with a set day to do the cleaning - like Monday when I am full of energy.