Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Time to run

I ran a race last weekend. Another 5k. I am at a place in life when I'm OK with 3.1 miles. No need to go further ... yet. Faster? .. well I hope to someday.
So I did a little something out of the ordinary for me. Something my husband is good at, but me... not so much. I'm not a numbers kind of girl. I put together a small, simple, spreadsheet of my times for the past few years of the 5k's I have run. And what a surprise!
I started in 2008 with a 27:25. Not too bad for my first race since high school!
My runs this year, post-5 kids body, have been 27:53 and 28:40. So a little slower, but still under 30 minutes. I haven't put in a lot of training time ... especially over the winter and spring. So I am not surprised by these slower times.
But back in September of 2009 I ran a race while 3 months pregnant. And it has been my fastest time ever! It is the same race I ran in 2008, but this time I was carrying someone with me, and I had 'adoring' fans along the route to cheer me on. I was unable to run in 2010 because of that little someone I had been carrying - she was full-time needy by that point.
But 2011, I am running this race again, - already signed up for it! - and I am super excited to see how I do. I will have my son and my husband also running, although I will probably only see their dust after the starting line. I'm planning on adding some speed work drills and hills in my training in the next 2 months. Maybe I can break that time. Even without being pregnant.

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