Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 3 of camping

On the third day of camping...
A much better night's sleep for the adults. But it looks like little K needed a nap early - she fell asleep on our hike out to another battery.
The 4 other kids had ridden their bikes with the cousins, so G and I got to spend some time alone walking and talking. It was almost like a date!

Battery Russell is another historic site that we got to climb around and look into.

Still sleeping - until I noticed the circulation in her hand being cut off .... As I tried to gently adjust her, she woke up. But then she was happy to walk around and pick dandelions, which she clutched in her hand until I pried them out as we returned back to camp later.

We packed up after lunch and drove south. Recognize this monolith?
It's a highly photographed one - Haystack Rock. We didn't stop this time, but have plans to hopefully come back later and explore Cannon Beach with the kids.

But we just had to stop in Tillamook. Because it is home to our favorite ice cream and cheese. We visited the cows, and sampled the squeaky cheese - a must! Unfortunately the factory part was closed for the day, so we didn't get to see the cheese being made and packaged. We hope to come back here also, when the crowds are lighter ... a nice benefit to homeschooling - we can come when others are in school.
The 3 days of camping trip felt just right to G and me, but our kids were disappointed to go home. My body is too old to sleep on the ground now, and next year I am planning on some kind of padding underneath me. Or else we get another cot, so we can both use one! G. used it this year because of his back, and because I needed to snuggle with Little K so she wouldn't scream at night and wake the campground. (And so a huge Thank You to the H's in Argentina for leaving their cot behind with us!!)
That wraps up our camping excursion for this July. I am already thinking ahead to next year (and I have a feeling so is my brother-in-law who usually sets up all the reservations). So if any of my readers know about camping in Idaho, could you leave me a note? We are contemplating meeting up with my husband's side of the family and camping in Idaho.
In a yurt or cabin.
With no mosquitoes.
But the cabin isn't necessary, just easier for packing.

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  1. Ohhh... that cot! I forgot about that one (the twin of the one the mice munched). We went to Fort Stevens one January, I believe, and stayed in a yurt. It was fabulously deserted. I didn't know we missed out on re-enactors, though. Bummer. We'll just have to go back. :)