Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Great 2011 Camp Out

5 for the Boy; 13 for the Swimmer Girl; 4 for Miss M. 3 for the Princess; and none for Little K. Big Daddy got a few, and I can count 3 of my own. My niece is up to 21 I think.

S'mores? no; Mosquito Bites! Oh, yeah, the little buggers were thick at this camp-out.
We arrived Friday evening in time for supper. (we got a later start from home than we had planned, but that's the way most of our plans go anyway.) As soon as I opened the door of the pickup I was attacked by a buzzing annoying little bug. So I rummaged through the luggage for the kids' coats and pants. When we left home in the valley, it was in the 80s and sunny. By the time we arrived at the coast, it was not so warm, nor sunny, nor pleasantly bug-less.

It didn't stop us from eating of course. And the s'mores cooking was just as yummy.

Of course there is always clean up after eating. And guess who was a much-appreciated helper? My dear husband. He helped me out in so many ways on this trip, which is not something new. He's an awesome partner.
This year's trip was to Fort Stevens State Park. Every 4th of July weekend my extended family plans a camping trip, and whoever can make it joins in. This year we counted 32 people. But that was a fluid number as people came and went. (I'll post some more tomorrow about the fun, bug-bitten weekend we had.)

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