Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I made another batch of strawberry jam today. Now perhaps the berry smell will be gone from my refrigerator. It was starting to get nauseating.
I like to have some music on while I work and today's pick was Francesca Battistelli. (Is that Fran-sess-ka or Fran-chess-ka??) I have one CD of hers and I really, really, really like it. Really. I'm not technologically advanced to get her on an ipod or mp3 or other downloads, so I still buy CD's. The story here though is what led me to buy her CD.
My 5 year old has a memory like a ... well, an elephant as the cliche goes. She can hear something once or twice and recall it exactly, days later. Which brings into question my habit of listening to country music while driving. This daughter of mine, along with her older sisters, have become big fans of Taylor Swift. So much so, that it became a concern to me and my husband. I happen to like T.S. (as the girls refer to her!) but having my little girls sing "you belong to me" and singing about boyfriends, etc ... well, that just doesn't sit right with us. So I went searching for an alternative sound for these girls of mine. And I came upon Francesca B. We hear her on the radio too - now that I try to play a different radio station while in the car. So when the CD came in the mail, we were all very excited to start playing it and singing to you while dancing around the kitchen. Yeah, we're that kind of family.
So, move over T.S. You can't have my girls voices yet. I've got F.B. in that spot for now.
On a different "note":
This reminds me of another Francesca.
Back in the day when I went to college down in Oakland, CA, there was a nun teaching there (one of many) named Sr. Francesca. She was the sweetest, nicest nun. I think she was French. Or else she taught French, or maybe she just seemed French to me. I don't know.
And from my memory (which you can see is nothing like my daughter's) I recall her driving a convertible Mustang. It's possible that this memory is failing, but she was a woman I looked up to and wanted to be like (except for the nun part; I've also always wanted to be married with children.)
Isn't it funny how certain items, sounds, songs, or even smells in today's time, can bring up a memory from so long ago?

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  1. Raffi. The Man and I listened to Raffi when we were five. And the Mickey Mouse Club. And the Beach Boys. Jan and Dean for me... clean music. Bobby Darin (early years) is also quite good.

    The Man votes for Raffi. I second. Baby Beluga and the Deep Blue Sea for a third.