Thursday, September 1, 2011

Construction so far

I thought I would show you an overall update on where we are with the construction process.
The original garage door to the back yard has been boarded up, and the new doorway (to the right) awaits work.
The laundry room has a roof. G is gluing/nailing down floorboards today.

The joists are in place, and the floorboards are down on the entire upstairs.

Which gives us a better view of the stairway area and where it will be

which lets up look up above and see how it will all lay out. (to the right of the stairs)

(to the left of the stairs)

I got involved in the process a little more today. My expertise isn't cutting nailing measuring or constructing. I am the painter. more or less.

We're just getting an idea for the color we want. Trust me, we're not going eclectic on the paint. I'm envisioning a dark red house with white trim.We have a few options, and primer to play with and then decide which will work best.
So if anyone wants to come over and paint, feel free to drop by. We'll find a brush for you.
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