Friday, September 16, 2011

Jane Austen wouldn't care

I got the first coat of paint on the side wall done yesterday. It really needs another coat, or two, but it will have to wait until I have some time. I've got a race tomorrow morning, deliver my son to a birthday party, and in between get some bread, milk, eggs, and birthday gifts.
My little girl has a birthday coming up and I have nothing prepared.
G. got the 'pony wall' put up today. Sadly, no horses nor saddles were involved in this.

We did have a diving board however. But again, our hopes were dashed when all that was seen underneath was concrete. And the board moved soon after that, as he cut it into pieces.

The second wall is put together! It is framed and ready to be wrapped in green and have the windows placed in it. Hopefully on Monday it can be raised as well, and then we'll have two walls up.

But none of this would be of any account to Jane Austen. There is not much relationship involved in this report of building progress. So, for Jane ... I think our building project has actually been good for our marriage. So far. I have seen my husband more in the past month than I have in a long time. It has been wonderful working together, sharing the burdens, sharing some of the stress, talking about what goes where and how things are done. I have learned so much about building, and I think G. has also.
The kids have gotten to be involved in a lot of the process, and have seen us deal with different issues that come up with remodeling. Things like choosing materials, finding help, whether paid or volunteer, dealing with frustrations when expectations are not met. They have gotten to work right alongside Dad as he builds, watching and learning.
I'm reading a number of Austen books now. I made it through that list of books I posted about awhile back. Now I have 2 Austen books and one Austen-related book to read. "Emma" is open on my stand right now; with "Sense and Sensibility" in the wings. Last week I read through two books by Carrie Bebris, Mr. and Mrs. Darcy Mysteries, which follow Darcy and Elizabeth after their marriage, as they solve various mysteries they run into. Very fun books. So after I reacquaint myself with Emma and then Elinor, I am going to dive into another Bebris book. I hope. Of course as I have seen in the past 2 weekends ... my multiple plans don't always align with what God has planned for me.
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