Saturday, September 3, 2011

Vedddy Interestink

Construction atop the garage has halted for one day. There were jobs to be done below. One job being to change the hood to the stove. hurrah!
Here we have this morning's view:
And After the hood is in .
Somewhere in the archives is a photo of the original hood - probably the one that has been here since 1978. A mustard yellow color underneath all the gunk and grime I couldn't scrub off. But now it is gone! And a white shiny, matching hood is in place.
A big hug and kiss to my husband who installed this with a very painful backache!

A few hours later... a little ibuprofen, a little rest, and some college football on TV and this is what I get.
I go to put the baby to bed, leaving the boys watching the game. Looking mostly like this:
and upon my return I am greeted with this.

Handsome Harry

Isn't he dashing?

As I mentioned to a sister-in-law earlier today, life as and with this clan is never dull.

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  1. Is this an ad for hair growth treatment - watching football will do this for you?? Hilarious!!


  2. Ooh, if only I could market that! :)