Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Housing and stuff

 Last week I mentioned I had a full weekend ahead,. Full enough to overwhelm my husband as I spewed forth information. And I think God had a good chuckle over me and my plans. As if I have any control over them. After I posted that, I sat down to watch a movie with G. and soon my throat started to feel ... icky. Like the sore-throat-before-a-cold kind of icky. I went to bed Thursday night complaining of the ache, and woke up with a fully-blown cold. SO there went almost all of my plans for the weekend!
I managed to rest alot on the couch, read some really good books; my girls has a light day of school at home, and the tissue box didn't leave the vicinty. So out of the 7 of us, 3 have fallen, and are now on the mend. the youngest is now snot-nosed, and we are hoping that the boy and husband do not catch the cold!
The rest of my weekend ... well actually only Sunday, was a good day. I felt better enough to run a 5k Memorial Run for 9/11. And later in the afternoon the entire family went down to the park for the closing ceremonies. The park here was covered, literally, in flags - the Stars and Stripes, along with two different types of memorial flags. It was pretty amazing. Each flag stood for someone who died on 9/11, or for a police or firefighter who died in Oregon. It was very powerful to take it all in. In a way it reminded me of Arlington Cemetery.
Unfortunately, because of my health, I was not able to help much on the painting, or the upstairs building. But my capable husband worked hard and got one wall framed;
But I got to help him last night. We put the green plastic (again, there is a fancier name for this stuff but....)

And then we laid one of the windows in after stapling and taping. The next day we put the other window in (but not seen here). The city inspector came out to look, and gave us the thumbs-up.
Today G. screwed the windows into place and put the siding on it. We are hoping, hoping, hoping, to put the wall up this afternoon. 

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