Thursday, September 8, 2011

Our House

G had to go back into work this week. Need to make the money that pays for this house expansion. He did get some framing done however. He is putting the walls together up on top of the floorboards, instead of way down on the ground. I have been told it will make it much easier to put them into place;

School is going well in both arenas. The Boy, so far, has come home with enthusiasm for the next day at school. He hasn't said much about the bus ride, except about how creaky the bus sounds.
The girls and I are trying to settle into a routine of sorts. Of course with homeschooling routine doesn't always happen, groceries, cleaning, and life often make for a flexible day of school.
After the first day - when the youngest screamed a lot! - I wasn't sure how I was going to keep it together. But we managed to figure some things out. Now we include little K. at the table with scrap paper and a crayon. Of course she and the Princess still bug each other, but thankfully not so much screaming. Maybe I'll get to keep my hair a little longer.
The weekend is shaping up to be busy already. I've got a Girls Night out tomorrow, a possible trip to the farm on Saturday, or else a Ladies morning at the church, and then a 5k memorial run on Sunday morning, with church after, and then Awana sign ups in the evening. I was rattling this all off to my husband tonight at dinnertime, and he started to get that deer-in-the-headlights-look. It was information overload! I'll give him a heads up before I walk out the door.
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  1. Yes, they can only keep so much information in their heads at one time. I have noticed over the years how much the male brain is different from the female brain. Why are we supposed to be the ones to keep all these dates and numbers in our heads for them to access? :) And to think all these years the men have thought they ruled the world...