Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Helping Hands

We had helpers come over this past weekend. It's great to be from a large family. (I think I might have mentioned that once before.) My husband put out a call for help (email is also a great invention!) and the next day 6 people showed up.

My parents, (who somehow missed the photographer), came over. My sister and my two brothers and sister-in-law were also here.

What a relief and a help it was for my husband. Which in turn blesses me. Because when Daddy isn't happy, no one is happy.

And the project was becoming a bit stressful for this man.
Although he looks pretty relaxed here.

And then this morning (Tuesday) - wonderful progress, more happy dances - two more walls went up! The contractor was able to come by really early and lift the walls with his tools and helpers! My son was already off to school, so it will be quite a surprise for him when he comes home. The girls however, got to twirl around up there, imagining where their new room and bathroom will be.

The upstairs is beginning to look more like a house; we can actually visualize the rooms a little better. Here's the view from the front

And then backyard. So a little paint, a little more siding, a roof, and we're done ... right?! (HA! I can just imagine my husband's chuckle over that!)

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  1. Looks great! Families are great things to have -- we're really here for each other. (Even if only through the internet at this point!)