Friday, January 6, 2012

Big Day

When I tuck my kids in to sleep at night, I often tell them, "Go to sleep. Big day tomorrow!"
Well today was actually a 'big' day and I wasn't aware of it.

I got a phone call from our Boy tonight. G. had just picked him up from basketball practice and they were getting something to eat before they had to head back to the gym.
My son sounded pretty upset, like he was crying. And like any normal(?) mother, I started to get choked up also. Especially when he told me that they made the cuts for the basketball team today.
My mind raced ahead, along with his emotional state, and I was trying to figure out how to encourage him, how to keep my own sadness out of my voice, and what do I say now? running through my brain. So I tried to find out a little bit more about what happened.
And then he started laughing, and said, Mom I made the team!
My brain screeched to a halt. I couldn't even think! I just hung up on him. Because he was such a skunk! Getting me all upset like that and worried. His dad sat next to him the whole time, laughing - well, trying not to laugh too loudly and 'ruin' it.
Yeah, this is the family I am in. One of these days ....
But at least I don't have to comfort the Boy this time.
I did, however, remember to pray for the boys who did get cut from the team, and their moms.


  1. Congratulations to him! And to mom.

  2. Way to go, S! Congratulations! Jules: you gotta love the guys and their jokes -- they never outgrow that twisted sense of humor.

  3. Got to get to some of his games this season...and the other little one's games too! Good job, S.