Saturday, January 7, 2012

Yes, I am blonde

Today I was very thankful that I married the man I did. He is quite good at helping me make my way through this confusing world.
Yes, I am a blond, and yes I see the world a little differently.
I went into a bread outlet store in our town hoping to find some good deals. We go through a loaf a day and with prices the way they are now, I was looking for some good bread at a good deal. And I found it! These loaves I bought are usually about $2 on sale at the grocery store. I found them at the outlet for $1! I piled almost a dozen loaves in my cart - I was pretty excited to see that price; but a little voice inside said, "Why? Why are they so 'cheap'?" I couldn't see anything wrong with them. And I looked!
I overheard some of the stockers talking about 09 and 10 ... so I decided to check the little tag, knowing there was expiration info on it. When I saw the 09, I thought .. well, they don't look old. I went ahead with the transaction, and brought them home ... thinking, how am I going to explain this to my husband. When i got home I prefaced my spending story to G. with the news of exceptional prices on the bread! And then I told him they weren't moldy even if they are a few years old.
Yeah, years. I though the 09 was for the year. Not the date. My dear husband had to point that one out to me.
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  1. We shop the day old bread all the time and find that good orowheat bread at such a good price. Tastes just the same. And we freeze and just take out what we need.

    And have you priced eggs???? Winco had 12 eggs for $1.84 last week - today I was in Roth's and on sale, 12 eggs were $2.79. Yikes - what happened??? Good luck feeding a family.