Thursday, January 5, 2012

A good holiday

It must have been a good holiday season!
I stepped on the scales at my parents' house and saw that I have an extra 20 pounds hanging on. I saw the fudge in one spot, the nightly ice cream all around and the cookies in another area. Good thing I am running, or it might be an extra 40 overstaying their welcome.
I went home and wrote down my weight on several sticky notes and stuck them in the snack cupboard, on the refrigerator, and on the top of my secret stash (banana chips covered in chocolate.) I went to reach for some chips just a few minutes later, and thought about that not-so-little number there. And I realized I just wanted a new taste in my mouth. I wasn't really hungry.
So I brushed my teeth. Now, I'm not going on a 'diet'. I'm not going to starve -hahahaha, no way, not how I like food! But I am going to try and make better choices this winter, and especially as I train for a super upcoming race in April. I'll probably be brushing my teeth a lot. So not only will I be healthier, my dentist will be happy too.

1 comment:

  1. haha! Brushing teeth-good idea! I reach for a stick of gum. But I might have to try those sticky notes for the ice cream and cookies.