Saturday, January 28, 2012

From our week

How can it already be Friday? It went by fast. Maybe because I was not home very much. I put a lot of miles on our truck this week.
But here are some photos from when I was home:
Little K in the basket, one of her favorite things to do - climb into things and gather her toys around her.

My Christmas gift for G finally came in the mail. A very dear friend who went to Europe helped me out by getting this drink over there and mailing it to me - much cheaper than if I ordered online. When G went to Austria a few years back he had this drink and really liked it, so I hunted it down... and then surprised him in the middle of January with a Christmas gift!

We did a few "push-ups" with Little K.
And look what else came in the mail: woohoo!

K gave us a lot of good ones this week. She sat in the doll stroller to eat her breakfast at a makeshift table.

The Boy had a lot of basketball this week. 2 games and a scrimmage game and practices. His team went to OSU men's basketball practice today, and got to hang out with the big boys. He came home with a ton of autographs and good memories.

More sports on the way before the weekend is over...
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  1. We're coming to S's game against BCS on Monday!