Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cold weather

Views of our weekend:
I attempted my first try at homemade pop*tarts
They turned out de-lish-us! The head of the house commented more than once that they were a hit! Next time I am going to try and make them a little thinner, and smaller. Although eating a large one wasn't much of a problem.

We woke up to snow this morning. All last evening, weather reports were predicting the snow. My own local weatherman - aka. - kept checking the radar and his bookmarked weather website(s) while keeping us updated on the progress. Just another reason I love him

Strangely, the kids did not wake up squealing with delight at the snow on the ground. Was it because there wasn't enough for sledding? (Which they did make plans for as we drove into town.) Or was it because we needed to get ready for church and they knew there wasn't time to go out and play? Or maybe they have outgrown it? I sure hope not. I think they are just waiting for some more pile up so they can really play in it!

Our dogs didn't seem to have any trouble. They loved it. For a little while at least.
And one more ... my 11 year old found the fun in the toy my youngest plays with. Might be using this one again in February.

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