Monday, January 9, 2012

Time for basketball

It's time for Upward basketball again! This year is the first time our son is not playing in this league. It ends after 6th grade, so he is on to middle school ball now. But we have another child in instead.
Our 6 year old started on the kindergarten team, with her first game this past Saturday. It was quickly obvious that she didn't know what the game was all about. But she was very, very good about what she was supposed to do - and that was to stay on her person. Each player gets a color tag, and they have to stick to the same color tag on the opposite team during defense.
But our girl played defense the entire time. It was pretty fun to watch her 'dancing' with the opponent. The photo is a blur, because that's what she was,. moving back and forth playing good defense the entire time. Even when her team had the ball. I think we'll spend a little time this week talking about what offense and defense mean.

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