Wednesday, January 18, 2012


(Written on Monday, finally posted today. Sigh. It's that kind of week.)
I had time to work on some fun stuff today. Since there was no school for the Boy, the girls and I decided to make it an easy day also. Which gave me time to bake! I tried pastries on Saturday, so today was my attempt at cheddar goldfish crackers. But I didn't have a fish shaped cutter so I used a small heart instead.
The consistency probably should have been finer, and the dough rolled thinner, but overall they aren't too bad. They are more like cheddar biscuits than crackers. So I will have to play with that recipe a little. Doesn't seem to stop the small fry from eating them.

We also stirred up some graham crackers and then dove into the banana bread mix my daughter received as a gift.
Good stuff! Watching the snow fall, eating warm banana bread in front of the roaring fire - a beautiful afternoon.

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