Monday, January 30, 2012

So far

Monday so far has been a typical untypical day.
While I was on my run this morning, the kids - at home with dad - had some fun with cereal. Well, the youngest did.
"Just trying to get some beppast, Mom"

The girls like to get out of doing schoolwork by playing with their littlest sister. Sometimes that excuse works for me.

I cooked up the last of the apples for sauce this morning. A delicious bowl of warm applesauce and home- made crackers for my after lunch appetizer.

This is where our dogs like to sleep most of the time. There have been occasional squeals from the dogs when chair legs came down on them unintended.

It's noon and so far some school has been worked on.Some chores down. Some bills paid. Some food cooked and eaten. Some exercise gotten. And yet so far to go in the day - naps, basketball, crock pot dinner, meetings, and all the stuff in between.

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