Monday, January 16, 2012

What a great Monday!

For awhile now I have been following a certain blogger - Mavis. I try to read her blog regularly, not just for the great couponing hints, but she has the kind of humor I can relate to. ((Although I think she thought I was kidding when I suggested her next giveaway should be her coming to clean someone's kitchen. I thought it was a brilliant idea (wink wink)))
So Mavis writes about how. she was able to feed her family of 4 on only one hundred dollars a month last year (hence the name of her blog). Now there is probably no way I could feed the 7 of us on that amount; but reading her blog has made me more aware of my spending and grocery buying habits.
AND THEN - cue the drum roll - 
This morning I opened a wonderful email I had received from her. It made me hoop and holler and do a happy dance! The kids came running to see what was going on.
Can you see why I was SO excited? See that word WINNER? Woohoo!!
I did the happy damce because:
A. I never win anything. Or so it seems.
2. Now I have my husband's birthday present all ready
3. This will help SO much when we go to the store for more materials on our remodeling project.
I am still dancing inside hours later.
So if you haven't checked out Mavis' site, which she has rearranged since last year, and the new look is really nice, I urge you to check her out. If you are into free, or coupons or getting more for your money, dig around on her site, she has some great ideas. And sometimes some great giveaways.

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