Friday, January 20, 2012

In My Corner

In my corner of the world this week ...
* there has been a lot of weather here. We had snow, lots of slushy snow. And now we have lots and lots of rain, and more on the way. We had a little scare of water reaching the garage, and the insulation sitting there waiting to be installed. Thankfully it did not reach that far. There are roads closed and many creeks and rivers flooding.
* School was cancelled for all students in our area. My son spent the day today filling sandbags with other friends downtown. He really surprised us, wanting to go, and wanting to stay as long as he could, even while cold wet and hungry. Made me proud to see the glimmer of growing up shining through.
* There hasn't been much progress made on schoolwork around this house. Since the Boy had Monday, and today, off from school, the girls did not get anything done either. And for some reason we spent more time learning in the kitchen, or playing in the front room this week than we did in the actual books. But that's just one more thing I like about home school - flexibility. Next week, we'll pick up the slack.
* I finished a book by a new-to-me author, Siri L. Mitchell. It was an interesting historical fiction about Italian immigrants in the early 1900s. I had no idea Sicilians were looked down upon by other Italians. And that Italians were looked down upon by other "Americans." So not only was I entertained, I learned something.
* I finally got another run in. My last run was a week ago. G took me down to the gym with him to work out on the treadmills together. Now I am glad we didn't sign me up for the gym. I really disliked the treadmill! I couldn't move! My arms kept bumping the bars in front of me; I had to keep changing the pace and there was nothing to look at but a TV screen. No passing cars to ponder, no houses to restructure in my mind; It was just very uncomfortable for me. I'm glad it works for my husband, but it's not for me.
* My easy runs are now at 4 miles. I went just over today and it felt good! So I think I will be ready to start really training for the upcoming half. We have about 12 weeks left, and my intense training will start in about 2 weeks.
And that was a glimpse of my week. How was yours?


  1. I was going to ask about your training. Glad its going well. Im not a treadmill fan either, except for speed/sprint work. I prefer all weather elements to treadmill.

  2. I thought the view on the treadmill was pretty good...when you were there

    1. this Anonymous better be my husband! ;)