Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Have you heard in the news lately about the possible shutdown of some post offices around the country? When I first heard I thought, no way, we need those places. But now I am not so sure.
Here is the saga we have been living through the past month. 
One day my kids went to get the mail from our box, which is one in a cluster of boxes, a neighborhood unit. The door would not close. The lock would not latch. Our mail was open to any who walked by and looked. So I called the post office - the local one - to report it. The manager said he would send someone out to look at it. I don't think anyone came, because nothing looked different at all. This was a Friday and of course they are closed over the weekend.
So my husband went out to try and tighten the screw and see what he could do to keep our mail to ourselves.
And the box lock worked fine for a couple of days.
Then my kids went out again towards the end of the next week and could not open the lock. It was stuck tight and would not turn. My call to the post office ended with the suggestion - try some WD40. So my husband put a ton of graphite in the lock (b/c really, WD40? That just attracts the dirt and junk.) No go. Still can't open it.
So I call the post office again. The guy in charge told me to bring in my key to the box and they would take a look at what was going on. Of course he also mentioned that they now subcontract out this type of work and it would take at least a week to get it fixed. His suggestion was to put my mail on hold until then.
So we did all this.
And each day I would stop by the mail branch and ask for my held mail. And each day they would tell me, there's nothing back there. Yes it is on hold, but there is none for you.
Well, so happens that it is also a substitute carrier this week, not our regular carries .I don't know if that plays a part in this but.....we were not getting any mail.
After three days of "No mail" I got a little bothered - because we get mail EVERY day. Junk mail, credit card apps, and my beloved Netflix; Foyle's War was supposed to be here! I know because I got a message from them and they are very good, very very good about mailing me my movie.
Anyway, I finally talked to the guy in charge of the guy in charge on last Friday. He gave me a stack of mail that was ours, and the key to our now-fixed lock! What?! It's fixed? How nice of them to tell me. I went away thinking all was good.
I haven't received mail in my mailbox at all this week. Granted, there was a holiday on Monday. But none Saturday nor Tuesday nor today. So I called. Again. And the kind lady said, yes your mail is still on hold! So the man who gave me my keys, the one who had told me to keep my mail on hold UNTIL I got my box fixed ...had not thought to 'un'hold my mail.
Big Sigh.
Now I know this is not something to get all excited about. I know there are dying babies around the world I can be more upset about. But when people cannot communicate in their own workplace while they serve the public ...well, no wonder they are in a world of hurt.

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