Thursday, April 12, 2012


Why do we find accents that are unlike our own, fascinating?
I was hanging out in the doctor's office today, because, you know, with 5 kids, that's what you do a lot of. I had 4 of them with me, all the girls. They were getting squirrelly. It was lovely time.
And then a man walked in, with an older lady in the wheelchair. Nothing exceptional about that at a Dr.'s office. And then he spoke.
And the world stopped.
And the children stilled.
And we girls all smiled.
The man had a Scottish accent. It was one of the best things I had heard that morning - only because I hadn't talked to my husband yet.
As my niece said "Accents make life better." Yes, yes they do! It sure made the hours in the doctor's office a fond memory.
I have to tell you a little story. It will give you a glimpse inside the life of my husband. His family knows this already about him, but for those of you who don't know him ... he can be a little funny.
A few years ago, back when his company still paid for us to go on sales-meeting trips, we got a weekend at Skamania Lodge. It is a gorgeous resort in the Columbia Gorge. The weekend away without children was pretty wonderful too. One morning we decided to go into the little town nearby and look around; we were planning a hike for later and I wanted to get a few things to take with us from the grocery store. So my husband decided to have a little fun.
You know how crazy parents can get when the kids aren't around.
We walked into the store and he pulled out his Scottish (or was it Irish?!) accent. As I searched for apples, and some snacks, he made "grand" comments about the "looverly" items he was seeing. "Aye" was mentioned a number of times.
The most difficult part of it all was trying to keep a straight face while he was talking, especially when he answered the cashier.

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