Monday, April 30, 2012

Run on Monday

I don't have a race planned for myself at this point. After all the training and working towards the half-marathon I am just taking it easy and running for fun these days.
My girls however are helping me get out the door. Because without a goal and training plan, it's easier to say, I'll run tomorrow ....
But my M and M want to run! And we've got them signed up for some races in May. So I get to 'coach' now as I run with them,
This morning I took the Lab out first for a 'walk'. Of course this was the one time I didn't bring a plastic bag with me for the dog's you-know-what. And of course, this is the first time she decided she needed to relieve herself.. So I took off running, not wanting her to stop. We ran and ran and ran all the way home. It was a good warm up for me. So after I ran back to clean up what mess she did leave behind, I took off for another mile run. Oh, it felt good to be out there pushing myself knowing it was only a mile.
By then Miss M was dressed and ready to go; so we went for another mile. It felt so good to be running next to her, encouraging her as we went. She even made better time on this mile than her last time running with me.
At the end of that mile, my Princess M was ready to go. She will be running in the kindergarten event this Saturday, and she is so excited to train for it! We went another mile together, all 3 of us.
Home school definitely has its advantages.

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