Friday, April 27, 2012

Power Tools

I think the guys have been keeping a secret from me all of my life. And I think I might have just discovered a key to it.
Power Tools.
> howl <
They are So much fun! Seriously, why didn't I ever get to play with these before? OK, I have used a power-screwdriver before  ... that was some small fun. (**update, it was a power-drill, my mistake. I couldn't even think of the right word!)
But today I decided to try and get a little bit cleaned up outside in between rain showers. The side yard is kind of messy b/c of the remodel. I didn't want to get all muddy and wet by pulling the weeds out by hand, so I grabbed the weed-eater. The battery powered, very mighty, powerful Tool. And after figuring out how it works - which is pretty easy - I got to work.
I had such fun whacking down those weeds and tall grass I looked for more places to use that Power Tool. Ooh - the raspberries! Earlier in the spring we took out one row of our raspberries. It had just become too crazy, and we are thinking of planting something else there, plus we still have a row for our own eating. Well, the grass and weeds got a little out of hand there. Not too bad, but enough that I needed to use the Power Tool on it. And then I decided to go around the edge of the lawn. The Boy will be mowing it soon enough and so I was just helping him out.
 You would think that growing up with 7 brothers I might have had more exposure to power tools. However with 7 boys hogging them up, I didn't get any chance to play with them. I have never operated a chain saw. Sigh.
But, hey, at least I can use the weed eater! And the lawn mower. Which I actually like to do. Sometimes.


  1. You're so funny... you totally strike me as the type to have played with and enjoyed power tools long before now, but I suppose you're right and having had 7 brothers they may have hogged them.

    Have you tried a cordless drill yet? (not just a screwdriver, but an actual drill?) How about a skill saw? Or - my favorite - a reciprocating saw (Sawzall type) - those are AWESOME! =) Once you start using those, lawnmowers and weed eaters will be boring and feel a little too much like actual work! ha ha.


  2. J:
    To set the record straight, when WE used power tools at home, it was called WORK, not play. And believe me, every one of us would have glady given up the tool to ANYONE, if it meant we could get out of the WORK. ;) Besides, since you were the "princess" and most of us were out of the house when you were old enough to attempt WORK, I rather doubt there was much hogging of the tools going on to prevent you from joining in. More likely it was simply that the TOOLS were used outside, and you spent most of your time indoors doing the houseWORK. That, and there was a definite pecking order in the family that determined who used the power tools, and who did the manual labor. LOL!!!! Did we even own a power weed eater back then?


  3. Power tools... they were a push lawn mower, a hand saw, shovel, hoe and rake; all powered by those twins (arm l & r). Touch that power saw or radial arm saw, you might lose a finger. What I would have given for a weed eater back then.