Sunday, April 22, 2012

She's almost 2

2 year olds have an amazing outlook on life. Everything is so new and fascinating. They are just soaking it all in, and pouring it back out in their speech and actions. 
Earlier in the week Little K figured out she has pockets! She was quite pleased with this new concept.

On Saturday she wanted to help me make bread. "I bake!" she kept saying

And so she did. 
She stirred the flour into the bread. 
Never too early to get them in the kitchen.

Later in the day, she found the sunshine - which is a rarer occurrence in our neck of the woods; and so she laid down in it for awhile, after figuring out what it was.

The Boy and Dad tore into the doors this weekend. Another step in the remodeling process. They took off the door that leads from the laundry room to the addition, and added the door to the garage..

Here's the door, outside, waiting to be removed from the premises. Anyone in need of a door??

After the door was taken off, the trim, etc, needed to be removed Who better than to demolish a house than a 13 year old boy?

My son is growing! Slowly but surely. I think in about a month he will actually be taller than me. That has been a goal of his for a long long time.
But for now, I am still taller!! Even if by a fraction of an inch.
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