Thursday, April 26, 2012

Many Faces

 The many faces of my Little K. who is 2 years old today.
She came into this world right on time, arriving on her estimated due date;
it was a long painful delivery but so worth it (of course!)
 And now she fills our days with smiles, and tears, happy sounds, and frustration.  I often hear the girls call her name, both to play and to get after her for getting into their 'stuff'.
My little two year old loves to be outside. In Oregon, this doesn't happen until later spring because of all the rain. I am going to look for some small-sized boots for her to use soon.
Little K also loves music and dancing. She will bop along to the radio in the car, which keeps us all happy (7 people squeezed into our vehicle sometimes leads to unhappy moments)
Little K absolutely loves loves loves her big brother. They share a room for now, until the remodel is done. And he is one of the first people she goes to when she wakes up. She goes down for a nap if i promise here we will go pick up "S-boy" afterwards from school.
She runs to the door with excitement when someone comes over, calling their name as she runs down the hall. Lately she has been lovin' on her daddy more and more. The first year of life, it was all about Mom, This year has been more and more about Dad.
She talks ... a lot. especially at home. She has a way of ducking her head and acting shy when a stranger talks to her. Otherwise she loves to tell people what is going on.
Lately she has been telling us "I 'dood' it" (past past tense of did) Her sweet way of saying "Thank you" or "please" just makes me want to give in every time. Of course I don't. Not every time.
But I think if you look at her fingers you'll see one of her parents wrapped around them.
Our girl loves snacks. And her way of asking sounds more like "I need snack." She is finally, finally learning to eat more than just bread. Which makes me feel a bit more relaxed over her eating habits - which for the past year have been quite sporadic.
And also, she has finally gotten into the groove of staying in her own bed All. Night. Long.
Alleluia and Amen!!
And one last photo -- this is a typical face we see on her - she often responds to her name or a question with this face and "Huh?"
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  1. So sweet... hauoli la hanau little K!

  2. Two already? Wow. It seems time goes so fast when you are creeping on someone else's blog.