Monday, April 9, 2012


 Do you know how long it takes, and how hard it is, to get 5 children to take a good photo?
It takes longer than you might think.
Someone has to look at their feet.
Or the sun is too bright.
Or maybe their sister is poking them.
I'm so thankful for digital cameras!!

 We had a lovely Resurrection Sunday at my sister and brother in-law's new home. The sun was shining! I can't recall the last Easter in Oregon when the sun was shining and it was warm! There was plenty of good food, family we hadn't seen in awhile, and eggs hunts. Oh, did we have egg hunts!
First for the little kids, then the other kids and then for the 'grown-up' kids; and then the little kids went and hid the eggs over and over for each other to find.
For the first rounds of hiding, the eggs contained chocolates, jelly beans, and money! Yes, some aunts and uncles like to spoil the nieces and nephews. I don't recall ever having money in eggs when I was growing up. Actually, I think we only used 'real' eggs back then, not plastic ones.
The two youngest cousins were quite happy to see each other! There was plenty of hugging and walking together. 
Our youngest did not take a nap all day - so by the time we left to drive home, she was zonked within 10 seconds of getting on the road.
 Overall, a successful day with the family.
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  1. It was so much fun watching the children and they looked so cute in their Easter finery.
    As for pictures, double the people and think of mom trying to get a family picture :)