Monday, November 19, 2012

Break again

The first day of Thanksgiving break around here.
Nobody slept in. My body wanted to, but the children did not. The howling wind outside might have had something to do with the wake up time.
So I had the older girls make bread today.
From scratch.
By themselves.
With minimum input from the Top Chef (me).
And the Boy made cookies today. I don't know if he has ever made them by himself before. I hope so. But, either way they turned out delicious. And our mouths and tummies were happy.
We also got in touch with our Irish roots this morning, and had some jigging going on in the front room. We like to listen to Drop Kick Murphys, or Flogging Molly; I'll try and get that home movie up soon ....

G and I spent the afternoon without children! We went out on a pseudo-date - to our son's school conferences! So we had time in the car to talk uninterrupted. We had time in between meeting with teachers; and we had time together on the long drive home. Long - because it is raining cats and dogs and sheep outside, and everyone was driving so slowly (thankfully!)
After a rousing game of family hide and seek, the kids are in bed and we're settling in for a movie.
I'm really liking the beginning of this vacation!

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