Saturday, November 24, 2012

Gift ideas

A few weeks ago a facebook friend shared the following website with us. And once I looked through the Inspiration Gallery, I was hooked! I love these little nests and how you can personalize them. A mother's ring, or charm bracelet are something that everyone has, (or could have) but these - I have never seen such a cute idea!

The above photo is the one I had made for my mother in-law. She doesn't read this blog, that I know of!, and so won't see her Christmas gift too early. One color represents our kids, the pink represents the colors of G's brother who has girls, and the other brown is for the other brother's children.
I'm wondering how I could fit 21 on there for my parents! ;)
One more cool thing about this gift - the story behind why the crafter is making and selling these. They are raising money to adopt! And since orphans have been so dear to my heart for many years, I couldn't resist helping out someone who wants to bring a child home and give them a family.
She can make them in many sizes, and colors; I hope you take a minute to look at them, and maybe get someone a special personal gift.
Like it/? Go here -Nest by Design - to find it!

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