Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The 2nd day

The second day of this vacation - the kids did not sleep in again! What is the deal?! Oh, yeah, the 2 year old doesn't tell time yet.
We spent the morning in the library. What a wonderful building. If I could I would have a room in my house filled with books on shelves. Kind of like that room in the Beauty and the Beast movie.
I am so thankful my kids love to read. Going to the library is a joyous occasion for them. Having a limit to how many books they can have - not so happy. But we've had too many "I don't know where it is!" moments to let them have as many as they can. This week we've decided to have them do a report on one of the books they read. Keeping their minds going you know. The Boy got to choose from any of Steinbeck's works. He chose Of Mice and Men. I have to admit I never read the book. I saw the movie back in college. And my dear friends who went with me to see it - Ann and G - did not tell me how it ended - and boy was that a surprise I didn't enjoy! The swimmer girl got to choose her book of the week from any of Jack London's books. Little Chef is reading A Cricket in Times Square; and I think we got a Black Stallion book for the Princess M. Of course Little K is just thrilled when anyone reads her books to her, over and over and over: Henry and Mudge is one of the favorites. And Minerva Louise. And so the rest of the day passed with quiet moments and hushed sounds of pages being turned. In between the chores.
Some of the titles my kids have passed on to the sibling next in line" Hank the Cowdog; American Girls; Magic Treehouse; Pony Pals; Of course the the classic Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys have been in their book bags across the years, along with Encyclopedia Brown.
Any others you could add to this list?

I have decided in the past couple of years that the week of the holiday feast should not include huge suppers. I mean, really, we're all going to stuff our tummies on Turkey Day, so we should gear up for it. Last night we had a sausage and rice meal - small, easy and simple for the cook to make. Tonight was hot dogs and potato salad, and jello. Easy peasy! Tomorrow we're doing soup in the crockpot, with homemade bread. Gotta save all that cooking energy for making the ham and side, and the goodies - pie! pie! pie! I can hardly wait to have pumpkin pie. What food traditions do you have for this week?


  1. When I graduated from reading the Pony Pals I really enjoyed The Saddle Club series for years (we still have a huge collection at my parents house, Liz also read them). And then when we got Pal, and I fell off constantly, I got a little tired of the happy horse stories and my new favorite book became "Keeping Barney" which made me vindictively happy every time she fell off Barney :) I reread it earlier this year and it's still one of my favorites!

  2. Have they read the books about the little people who live in the floor of the house - I can't recall the name of the books but I actually read them in Children's Lit classes and loved all of them. Wish I could remember the name. Will remember in the middle of the night! What a difference it makes when children are read to and then read to themselves. Vocabulary is so much more advanced. Aren't we fortunate to come from a family that loves to read.

  3. Marilyn is thinking of The Borrowers. The boys used to read a lot of GAry Paulson books. once they liked a certain type, we would ask the librarians for other authors that write the same books.