Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Got a little mud on the tires

I love having a pickup - the thought crossed my mind more than a few times this morning. I hurried up the girls and we headed out to my dad's farm one more time before the rains come. We had some potatoes and carrots to dig!
My dad wasn't so sure I should drive our pickup down to the field; he even offered me the tractor! I don't think Dad has ever let me drive that tractor. I politely declined, knowing my 4-wheel drive could handle it. I did stay on the dirt road, per his instructions. And we experienced some awesome fishtails and 'squizzling' with the back tires. If I knew my dad and husband wouldn't have minded, I would have tried spinning some donuts out in the field.
We got nice and muddy - on the tires, and our jeans. Digging potatoes and carrots in the near-winter is not a neat and easy job like it can be in the summer. But the end results are delicious.

In other grand news - our Boy is having a birthday this week. I have been searching and researching about certain music players. I asked various people for their opinions on the i**pod - and I realized how far behind I am in technology. Yes, I still use a CD player; and since I don't run to music - my husband has the MP3 - I just sing to myself. Anyway, to those who offered advice - Thank you! So I was all set to go down and buy a certain player yesterday. There was a sale, along with a coupon, and I could get it for less at the store than if I ordered it online. After I got home that day, I got a phone call from my dear older brother, who said he had a brand new i-player for me .. for free. Whoa! I was so excited! What timing! How awesome is that?!

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  1. that's what having a big family is all about:looking out for each other with love.