Sunday, November 11, 2012

The last day

So the last day of our non-school week, on Friday, also didn't go quite as imagined. And it was a still a good day. The girls made cookies, while I hung curtain rods in the Boy's room. We still didn't get a sewing lesson in, but cooking works too.

We might just get a lesson in plumbing this week(end) also. The main bath has a leak that is getting worse, and will need fixing. Why does it seems that when it rains it pours? I feel like everything is breaking down around here... one thing at a time.

Yesterday was a first for us. Our swim Girl had her first unattached swim meet with USA Swimming. Which means, she swam in a meet without a team. And she did well, making a PR for herself in at least one race. The day included a trip to the coast to watch the meet and a yummy treat afterwards - lunch at Mo's, one of our favorite places. It also included an early morning for us. Which, on a Saturday, translates into cognitive dysfunction.  The Boy left a window open on the pickup when we went inside to the swim meet; thankfully we came back out soon after, to pick up some items, and found the window opened. So we took care of it and went back to watch some more racing. Another trip out to the pickup for another needed item - and I discovered that I had locked the keys inside the vehicle. ~Sigh~ Thankfully I have AAA service, and they came right out to help me. Thankfully my sweet husband never shook his head at me, or teased me about it, just watched the kids and took care of things while I was waiting for the help.

But the thing that I am most thankful for yesterday, was that we spent the whole day, more or less, as a family. The 7 of us. Those times are becoming rare, perhaps I've mentioned that before. And thus, they become more precious.


  1. what town was the meet in? If Newport you could have stayed over at the house.

    1. Nope, different town; but thanks. If we do go there, we'll ask for the keys to the resort :)