Thursday, November 22, 2012

Give Thanks

A day of giving thanks for all we have.
I am thankful to have children old enough to really help. The girls helped make brownies and pie yesterday. All the kids took orders well and got the house cleaned and food prepped for the feasting today.

And then a neighbor brought by more sugary goodness. Aren't these the cutest treats? We are so blessed to have a number of terrific neighbors!

And like every other holiday, there was home improvement work to be done. Yesterday G and the Boy tore up the stairway, to fix the running boards that go along the side of the stairs. The top photo is looking down the top stair into the garage.
Here we have the end of the day work - the side running boards are in, and the stairs are back in place. A few more items on the to-do list (texturing and painting) and then the carpet comes in!! 

For the first time, the family signed up to run a Thanksgiving Day 5k. This was the sunset we walked out the door to. We didn't wake up to it - because the sun wasn't even up when we woke up! This Turkey Trot started at 8 am. And with 7 people to get ready, wake-up time was kind of early.
But it was well worth it. We all had a fun time, and it DIDN"T rain!
The older two kids took off and ran on their own - and did really well - while G and I stayed back with the others. I pushed the stroller with Little K inside, and ran with Princess M, while G kept the other M girl running ahead of us. It was the first time this town had held this race, and we heard there were nearly 600 people there - pretty big I thought. But it was a good time, and one of the girls even won a raffle prize - gift cards to McD's.
I think we will definitely be doing more of these family/ holiday runs!
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