Wednesday, November 7, 2012

New assignment #3

The third day of non-school for us (because I didn't blog about Monday. I might have to remedy that.)
But for today - we had a new adventure to conquer. Tea Time.
Back when I was new to this mom-thing, my sweet mother-in-law took me out to tea at a real, bona-fide tea house. We got to choose our own tea cups, and the tea that went in it; we could have chosen our own special hats to wear also (but that kind of creeped me out) and we had delicious little finger sandwiches. For years that memory, and the one from the next time we went, have stuck with me. Unfortunately our town has not had a tea house, tea parlor, tea shop of any sort for quite a few years. And we have been left yearning for a special place such as the One that Once Was.
I love tea time. I'm not British by any means (Hurrah for Poland and Germany) but I love tea and all the accoutrements that come with it. If I had a kitchen hutch or display case, I would be filling it with tea cups.
So somehow (hmmmm, I wonder how that happened) I have passed this excitement about tea time onto my girls. I don't know, but my Boy really isn't into it. (Amen.) Today I took my girls out for tea to a real tea shop! We dressed up - a little. Skirts and leggings, but better than the sweats or ratty jeans, or pajamas we like to wear around the house! The girls voted on the tea they wanted; and I got a pot for myself of a different sort. Irish Breakfast for me; cinnamon apple cranberry for the girls. Then we ordered the sampler plate that came with 3 types of sandwiches, four per type. Plenty for the 5 of us.
Along with that came desserts.
Oh. My. Goodness.
Not only were the sandwiches deliciously delicious, the sweets were amazing. Among the samplings were some lemon bars, chocolates, cheesecakes, and almond balls, and carrot cake hidden in chocolate. We mmmmed, and yummed our way through our tea lunch, talking about who we could invite so we could come again. We had a good laugh imagining The Boy and his football friends trying it out. My girls have some crazy imaginations.
Even Little K enjoyed the meal - especially the sweets, just like the rest of us. The owner came over to visit with us , and then brought K her only special tea cup with a special tea in it. I wasn't going to give a breakable piece of china to my 2 year old, but the owner did! so I threw concerns out the door and let Little K enjoy a bit of refinement drinking tea from a real tea cup.
We all are ready to go back again sometime soon!
I haven't finished the assignment with the girls though. They still have to write a letter about their experience (yep, throwing some 'schooling' into this non-school week) and hopefully actually send the letter.