Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Saturday dump

 Last week I had a bunch of blog posts .. did I spoil ya? 
Yeah, we got back into a school schedule this week and the time flew away from me. Plus I took out a quilt that has been sitting next to my bed for a long time, taunting me every time I walk into my room, and I started to actually quilt again! Oh, it is nice to sit and watch Cosby Show reruns, or family home videos, and rock that needle back and forth through the quilt layers. I also started running regularly again. I have finally gotten rid of the nasty cold my sweet kids shared with me, and I can talk without coughing. So since we signed up for a 5k on Thanksgiving morning, I am having the kids run with me every other day. Some have made it up to 2 miles. Some haven't gotten past the first mile. Thursday morning is going to be fun!
SO, last Saturday, as in a week ago - my girl had a swim meet.  I finally got the photos uploaded from the meet and the short walk out onto the beach.

One of the girls (not this one!) got new shoes this week.

And who needs toys if you have boxes, bananas and shoes? No need to buy her any Christmas toys! She has her "phone", her 'car' and her sister's shoes to keep her happy.
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