Tuesday, December 11, 2012


The topic of making good, or bad, choices has been coming up over and over this week. So much so that it got me to thinking, Why is this coming up so much?!
We've been slowly finding out that one of children has been making poor choices in certain areas. I know all of our kids do it, and we do it for that matter, but it still came as  a bit of a surprise to us. We had thought that this was one child that we were pretty sure we could trust in all areas.
But (thankfully) the child has come to us and told us what was done, and we talked about it. Now don't worry. It wasn't earth shattering, hush hush, don't tell the relatives kind of bad choices. But it pointed us in the direction of making sure we talk to our kids about making choices, and thinking before they spoke or acted.
It's one thing to listen to all that's going on around you and following along; it takes a lot more courage, and wisdom, to stop and think and discern the right choice.
Recently there has been a lot of talk in the news about gun control. I have to admit, I don't think it is the gun that is responsible. The hand that holds the gun, the brain that controls the choice to use the gun, to act on the anger or thought of killing, that is who is responsible. It all goes back to choices.
A college football player was arrested for fighting. His coach summed it up well, in saying he had made poor choices. Poor choice of where this player was and the time of night he was out, and what he was doing. The guy should have known better and yet, he made choices which come with consequences.
Ah, the lovely word consequences. Yes, every action has consequences of some sort. If I hug my child, I might get a lovely smile in return or a kick in the shins (but not likely!) I eat chocolate too much and I am going to make myself sick.
Choices are in everything and at every moment of our day. Please stop and think. Choose wisely.

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  1. and we are all responsible for the choices we each make. Do not blame someone else for your bad choice.(This goes back all the way to Adam and Eve) choose wisely, ask for God's guidance if you are unsure of the decision.