Friday, December 28, 2012

Our Holiday

 Thirty six people;
Grandparents, cousins, siblings, fiances, a soon to be born baby;
Lots of love and laughter in the house.

We spent Christmas at my brother and sister in law's house.
Which was great, because there is plenty of room for all of us,
 and some years there is the joy of snow (although not this year!)
 We did something a little differently this year. I spent a few weeks putting together a family trivia game, gathering little known facts/ experiences from family members. I put them in random order, printed out a copy for everyone, along with the names (because keeping track of that many is not easy!) Then people spent dinner talking, and guessing who was the beauty pageant entry, and who was the one to eat mushrooms out of the yard, among other things. It was fun to listen to and hear the stories behind them once the answers were revealed.
I'm already thinking ahead to next year ... maybe baby pictures.
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