Saturday, December 29, 2012

Run Again

I went for a run this afternoon. The first time in two weeks.
It hurt -- my shins, my shoulders, my lungs.
As I psyched myself up for it all day long, I would think, "I'll do 2 miles today" and then I modified it to 1, because really, why push myself too hard. And then later in the day I would think, "Oh, maybe I can go to 2 and see how I feel, and push it to 3 miles. Yeah, that would be a great come-back."
So I started out on my run and got to 1/4 mile and thought, "forget it! I am going only 1 mile!!"
I made it a mile. Then I forced myself to leash up the dog and take her for a run too. And I had planned on going another mile. Until I got to the turn where I either kept going for the mile, or turned to go back home. Guess what won? Yeah, we turned and headed back towards the house. And then *horror* I walked. Hey, at least I got out there and ran! Now to sign up for a race so I will keep running.
Thoughts as I ran today: I need to wear bulky clothing when I run. That way, when people see the large girl running, they'll all like" Ah, good for her, she's getting exercise." But if I wore my skinny-clothes (ok, really after 5 babies, I'm not in skinny clothes anymore, but humor me) then people would be all "Wow, she is really slow!" So I wore my bulky clothes, and stayed toasty warm. Hurray for winter running.

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  1. I never say "wow, she is really slow". Whether you are skinny or bulky, if you are out there doing it, GOOD FOR YOU!